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DynAmp LKP

DynAmp LKP

The LKP-30 is a high accuracy, “closed-loop” Hall effect system designed to accurately and reliably measure unidirectional dc bus currents up to 30 k amperes. This “system” consists of a two-piece measuring head, which installs around the bus, an electronics unit and two multiconductor cables connecting the two.


The LKP-30 is particularly well suited to measure individual as well as total bus currents in Electro-chemical processes including aluminum, chlorine, copper, manganese, titanium, zinc as well as electroplating and coating processes.




Full Scale (FS) bus current 30 kA

Based on approved DynAmp Bus Analysis


Voltage scaling 10 mV per bus kA

Voltage full scale 300 mV

Voltage accuracy ± 0.1% of FS **

Current scaling 200 mA per bus kA

Current full scale 6 A

Current loop max burden 15 V

Current accuracy ± 0.1% of FS ** Repeatability ± 0.02% of FS

plus core set

Linearity (5...100% of FS) ± 0.03% of FS

Temperature sensitivity ± 0.002% of FS per oC


Available Input Ranges 100V: 85 to 110V RMS

120V: 102 to 132V RMS

200V: 170 to 220V RMS

220V: 187 to 242V RMS

240V: 204 to 264V RMS

Frequency 50Hz.: 45 to 55 Hz.

60Hz.: 55 to 65 Hz.

Power requirements 20 VA / bus kA typical

Impact of mains variation 100, 120, and 200V:

on accuracy ± 0.001% FS / V RMS

220, 240V:

± 0.0005% FS / VRMS


Bus to output 6 kVac for 1 minute with

25 mm air gap

Mains supply to output 1.5 kVac for 1 minute

Mains supply to chassis 1.5 kVac for 1 minute

Output to chassis 1.5 kVac for 1 minute

Bus to head structure 6 kVac for 1 minute with

25 mm air gap


Operating temperature -4° to 130° F

-20° to 55° C

Storage temperature -4° to 150° F

-20° to 65° C

Installation Restrictions: Ref. Tech. Bulletin 990


Measuring head enclosure IP-649

Measuring head weight 139 lbs. / 63 kg

Electronics unit enclosure IP-20

Electronics unit weight 62 lbs. / 28 kg (Max.)

Interconnecting cable(s) 33 Ft / 10 m standard

(Head to Meter Unit) 2 cables

** At DynAmp reference conditions:

77° F ± 4° F (25o C, ± 2o C)

120/240 V RMS. ± 2%, 60 Hz + 1Hz.

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