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Fast thyristors (FT)

Fast thyristors (FT)

For applications with frequencies higher than the domestic AC mains supply (e.g. 50 Hz or 60 Hz), thyristors with lower values of tq are required. Fast Thyristors have optimized turn-off parameters and are designed for general power switching applications.


Part NumberVDRM (V)ITAV (A)ITSM (kA)Package* (mm)
5STF 13F1220 1200125221.074.5/47
5STF 15F1232 1200153221.074.5/47
5STF 07D1413 140071012.058.5/34
5STF 07T1413 140071012.058.5/34
5STF 09D1420 140084713.058.5/34
5STF 09T1420 140084713.058.5/34
5STF 12F2040 2000120217.074.5/47
5STF 14F2063 2000144017.074.5/47
5STF 23H2040 2000232242.010.5/63
5STF 28H2060 2000266747.010.5/63
5STF 10F3080 3000100313.074.5/47
5STF 11F3010 3000111214.074.5/47
Medium Frequency
5STF 18F1210 1200177922.074.5/47
5STF 06D1408 140056811.058.5/34
5STF 06T1408 140056811.058.5/34
5STF 07D1414 140073612.058.5/34
5STF 07T1414 140073612.058.5/34
5STF 16F1413 1400152621.074.5/47
5STF 17F1420 1400169321.074.5/47
5STF 06D2020 20005578.058.5/34
5STF 06T2020 20005578.058.5/34
5STF 07D2032 20006799.058.5/34
5STF 07T2032 20006799.058.5/34
5STF 12F2025 2000119117.074.5/47
5STF 15F2040 2000148917.074.5/47
5STF 05D2425 24005177.058.5/34
5STF 05T2425 24005177.058.5/34
5STF 06D2440 24006178.058.5/34
5STF 06T2440 24006178.058.5/34

*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter

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